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  • What is ASPUploader?
    ASPUploader is ASP script to upload files via web browsers to websites.

  • Why should I use it?
    1. Portability:
      ASPUploader is written in pure ASP in single file (Upload.asp 20KB).
      That file can be copied and used as standard ASP file (no setup).
      ASPUploader has no components to be installed - perfectly portable.
    2. Efficiency:
      ASPUploader works fast (8MB/Sec) and uses only 64KB of memory.
    3. Huge files:
      ASPUploader can upload very large files (tested with 2GB files).
    4. Progress bar:
      ASPUploader supports progress bar for users to see upload progress.
    5. HTML forms:
      ASPUploader can read submitted form fields (text, checkbox, etc).
    6. Security:
      ASPUploader lets you restrict file extensions and upload size.
    7. Flexability:
      ASPUploader has properties to let you change any detail of upload.
      ASPUploader can be used in either VBScript or JScript (ASP files).
    8. Unlimited trial:
      You can download fully-functional ASPUploader for unlimited trial.

  • How can it be that efficient?
    ASPUploader utilizes highly optimized QuickParsing algorithm to provide maximum performance while minimizing usage of server resources.

  • How to get started?
    ASPUploader comes with simple examples that demonstrate how to use it. All examples are ready-to-run and working. You can look into the source code and modify it for your website.

  • I have a question. Where do I ask it?
    Contact us.

  • Why should I pay for ASPUploader?
    To help us develop high quality scripts and to receive a legitimate copy of ASPUploader licensed to you.

  • I am already using it. How to buy?